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Pulling John




The World Premiere of PULLING JOHN was sold out to a crowd of 400 plus.  In attendance was the legendary John Brzenk as well as Sevan and Navid.  The heart of this project, Vassiliki, could not be in attendance as she is working on her next production - a baby girl due any day!

The crowd loved the movie and gave John a standing ovation when he was introduced.  A truly great moment.   The armwrestling community in the audience made the event that much more special and energized the entire crowd.  Thanks to all who made the trip.

Now its onto our next festival.  Belfast in April, Vancouver & Madrid in May.

Rest assured we are working diligently to get this movie to all who want to see it.


Pulling John has been selected to play at the Belfast Film Festival in Belfast, Ireland.  The screening times have not yet been announced but the festival runs from March 24th to April 4th.  It’s tremendous news that we are part of such a great festival.


SXSW Film Fesival in Austin Screening Times:Saturday March 14th - 3:00pm Austin Convention Center (WORLD PREMIERE)Tuesday March  17th - 5:00pm Alamo Ritz 2Friday March 20th - 9:30pm Alamo Lamar 3 


Out of thousands of films, PULLING JOHN has been selected to premiere at the prestigious SXSW film festival in Austin, TX in March.  We are sooo excited to be a part of this great festival and intend on bringing the party to Austin!!!!!  We are going to introduce Armwrestling to the world with a bang!!!  Pack your bags and make travel arrangements, we are going have parties, promotions, armwrestling and of course the highly anticipated premiere of the movie!!!  Thanks to all of you who have been emailing and showing such loyal enthusiasm for the movie in the past 4 years.  OUR DAY is here!!!!!! Keep checking back, more information,  specific dates, etc to follow.  Until then, Congratulations to all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sound design and mix in the works…

It probably seems as though “Pulling John” has been at a stand still, but nothing could be further from the truth!!!  We are putting the finishing bells and whistles on the movie. We’ve got Digit Audio in NYC building the sound design and sound mix.  We finished the music score with Naturalistic’s Gary Meister.  We are working with a reputable sales agent who is loving “Pulling John” and will prepare it for US and International markets sales.   ”Pindemonium”, another documentary we produced,  is airing on the Sundance Channel again today…so check it out.  It’s a lot of fun!! 

Thanks Armwrestlers!!!

Bessie here.  Just want to say hello to all the super positive and loyal PJ fans from all over the world who have been integral in supporting this film.  We want those people to know that they are an important part of “Pulling John”.  The endless emails of encouragement and enthusiasm have fueled us in our most tedious hours of work.   Your encouragement speaks to your integrity.

When we began filming in 2003, it was with great excitement that we met so many amazing people.  On behalf of Navid and Sevan, I just want to say thank you, you’re efforts are so tremendously appreciated.

It’s has been a long haul and we are getting so close!  So stay tuned and we will load up lots of matches and keep everyone informed on regular basis on the grip-up section.  Keep the positivity flowin.   This is going to get really exciting!

The Trenches

Vassiliki, Navid and Sevan have been in the trenches with “PJ” for the past 4 years. 2007 has brought “PJ” through leaps and bounds of changes where its gone from 600 hours of raw footage to 83 minutes of action packed epic adventure. Stay tuned as we begin posting the behind the scenes stories for “PJ” and begin revealing the release and big adventures for the future of PULLING JOHN!